About us – Driven by Passion

International Eco Fuel Saver inc.,is a California based corporation dedicated to the preservation of the woulds natural resources. The Caribbean islands with thousands of miles of unspoiled beaches and Spectacular coral reefs completely fits our Corporate Philosophy

It is our unbridled passion for unpolluted, uncrowded, unspoiled places – and our desire to help protect them for future generations – that inspires and drives our team.

With a growing international network of licensed distributors, we are a true global business entity – AND WE HAVE TO BE. It is only by getting EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD to use less fossil fuels, extend their range, and burn them cleaner that we can truly begin to make a difference to the air pollution, climate change, and human health issues that the burning of these fuels cause. Since fossil fuels provide virtually 100% of our current energy needs what we truly need is a way to make these fuels burn cleaner, go farther, last longer.


And now we have a way…… It’s called Eco-Fuel Saver.
Eco-Fuel Saver is a revolutionary – AND IMMEDIATE – solution to help mitigate the human health and climatic issues related to the burning of oil and natural gas, even coal. It dramatically decreases toxic emissions from gasoline and diesel fuel combustion. It’s reductions of NOx and DPM at the combustion chamber level is unsurpassed. At the same time, Eco-Fuel Saver extends the range that these fuels take us; thereby directly reducing the amount of fuel that we consume.

It’s no secret that what we really need for the long term health of our planet – and the human race – are viable, renewable, sustainable, and more environmentally friendly energy alternatives to fossil fuels. Until that day comes, however, we must burn our current sources of energy – oil, natural gas, and coal – cleaner and “greener” and make these fuels take us farther.

The answer is Eco-Fuel Saver.